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Rango (2011) แรงโก้ ฮีโร่ทะเลทราย


Rango After the Terrarium was thrown from his car and landed on the ground, the pet Chameleon ended up stranded in Mojave Desert. When he is on the highway when he comes across the reason of the accident, a nine-banded armadillo named Roadkill who is searching for the mysterious “Spirit of the West” by attempting to get to “the other side” (metaphor for the afterlife). After telling him that he’s looking for water, Roadkill tells him of “Dirt” the name of one of the Old West town where it is said that water comes in through an unimaginable rite every Wednesday, but unfortunately the water is quite far into the desert. He ventures through the desert, observing no other options. He wanders across the desert and manages to stay clear of being attacked by the vicious redtail hawk. However the iguana he encounters Beans, a Desert iguana who takes his paws and leads him to Dirt.

When confronted on his identity the Chameleon informs the people that he’s a tough drifter whose name is Rango. He claims to have killed a feared gang called the Jenkins Brothers with one bullet. He quickly runs afoul of Gila the monster criminal Bad Bill but avoids a shootout because Bill is terrified by the return of the hawk. Rango is chased by the Hawk until he reaches a water tower, which Rango accidentally knocks down. The hawk is then killed. death. In the aftermath of defeating the hawk the town’s senior desert tortoise mayor names Rango as town’s sheriff. In the meantime, residents worry that now that the hawk is dead, the infamous gunslinger Rattlesnake Jake (who fears predators like the hawk) will return.

After finding out that Dirt is in the midst of a drought and that its water supply is the only one that is kept in the town bank inside a water cooler bottle, which is nearly empty, a skeptical Beans insists that Rango investigates the source of the water. Rango stumbles upon three bank robbers led by an mole called Balthazar. They mistakenly believe them to be prospectors. Rango sets up an group after the townsfolk discover that the bottle was taken from the bank. They discover Johannes Merrimack III, a banker, deceased in the desert. However, it turns out that he drowned. The group of robbers follows them into an area of canyons to find their home. They battle Balthazar’s bat-riding clan to get the water bottle. They discover that it’s empty. Although the robbers claim that they found it empty after being taken into custody, the posse insists on their arrest.

Rango questions the mayor about the sale of Dirt’s property. He denies any wrongdoing, and he tells Rango that he is planning to build a new city from the land. The mayor later summons Rattlesnake Jake who chases Rango out of town, insisting that he confess his deceit to the town’s residents. A dejected Rango is driven back to the road and walks across the other side of the highway amid the traffic jam before stepping out and being taken away by a multitude of pill bugs. Rango wakes up the next day to discover the Spirit of the West. He appears as an old man without a name. After telling him about what they did to the residents of Dirt the spirit informs Rango that he must go back and set things right, telling the man that “No man can walk out with his own story”.

With the aid of Roadkill and a mystical move of yuccas, Rango discovers an emergency shut-off valve in a water pipeline to Las Vegas, Nevada that the mayor has been manipulating to cause the water shortage to buy the land for himself. The newly re-energized Rango returns to Dirt to challenge Jake to the duel, which is a diversion in order for the yuccas turn the pipeline’s valve to bring water back to town and allow Rango to communicate his decision evident to Jake. Rango is forced to give up by the mayor, who threatens Beans’ lives before they are taken into the vault of the bank and drowned. Then, he prepares to shoot Jake with Rango’s gun, aiming to kill him and the remainder of the Old West, but Rango has taken its only shot, which he then uses to shatter the vault’s glass door, releasing himself as well as Beans. The stunned Jake acknowledges Rango for showing his bravery before taking the mayor out of town to murder him because of his deceit. The residents of Dirt celebrate the return of their water supply, and Rango is recognized as an authentic hero.


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